Friday, 15 April 2011

And the day is done...

How much did I want to get done today? Aspirations always excede reality!  And it'll will be over a week before I can get back to it!.... but I almost have a bed :)  Nothing is actually fixed to the van yet, but I plan to use the flooring rails to bolt the finished units to, along with fixing at high level to the walls.... this means that the units have to be solid, independantly (like free standing furniture)... I also have to decide (or buy) batteries and gas bottles... I only need to know what size they are, but its easier if you have them on hand to make sure they can be accessed properly when complete... this has to be right before I glue the joints in the units, in case adjustments are required.  So it all means frustration at not getting on quicker, I've only been patient for a decade, so another year will be easy-peasy!

It even looks like a bed, and cost nothing :)  (except 2 days)

I have designed (in my head) the kitchen corner now, a cup of coffee and a smoke, after tidying up, solved that one... I didn't think too much about it before as I wasn't sure what size the appliances would be nor had I decided on the services, now I have the oven, sink and water tanks in the van, makes it much easier to visualise how things fit together. I also think I can have a slightly bigger shower than I thought.  I have great ideas for storage in many of the nooks-and-crannies, but I'm not sure I can actually execute them... I'm gonna try anyway!

Didn't spend anything today, never left the van :) 


  1. When you can't picture something clearly enough, sit back, roll a smoke and in next to no time it'll be as clear as day. Works for me anyway.