Thursday, 14 April 2011

Go away life, Im busy!

Again I feel like I've achieved nothing, but that isn't true... tomorrow will be the assembly of the small mountain of wood that was painstakingly cut today.  I also found a unwanted pine wardrobe in Adrians garage :) which will very soon become the base of the fixed bed, it even has a slot in exactly the right place to take the edge of the fold down ply (that probably doesnt make sense yet, but it will very soon). No need to learn how to use the unused, 2 year old, router, yet!  Why these things scare me I'll never work out, once I do use it, I'll love it! I like playing with wood, so all is well in van-world. Would be nice to have a few more hours, but I have more freedom than many on this venture so I'd better not complain.  Another whole day tomorrow, hopefully.

A whole day? Thats never true, stopping every 10 mins to rescue Archie from whatever misadventure he's discovered, is distracting... he discovered a large black bee today, was he confused by this fluffy, buzzy thing he'd found?...he tried playing with it but just covered it with drool, preventing it from flying... I like bee's (well, I think they are important...I don't like them enough to pick one up!), so of course I then spent half an hour playing football with Archie, to stop him eating the poor thing, until it found shelter.

My cheap sink is getting more expensive, cost £8 for a plug hole kit, but even proper sinks dont have this part included, so I suppose its ok.

The plumbing stuff I ordered yesterday arrived this afternoon! (Well done, rainbow conversions!) Why delivery companies make so much fuss about delivering up here is beyond me, we may be 3 hours north of Edinburgh but we do have roads and trucks. I dont know if Ive mentioned this, but the company I can get a window from (centre side window) is charging £55 for the window, £15 for a fixing kit and £50 for delivery! Im reluctant to order it, but more reluctant to spend van-hours on the phone to scrappies, so I stay in limbo. As with the power steering pump, I haven't ordered yet (£55 again, with £20 delivery) And the double front seat in York that I should buy from ebay, but would have to organise a courier....I really hate phoning folk, its one of the reasons I want to wander off aimlessly, no postal address, no official phone number... :) 

I'd like to take the van away 'camping' just to get a feel for sleeping in it, but its daft doing that until I get the window fixed (not to mention bloody freezing!) The steering pump needs done before then as well as the suspension, I really should focus on these things but I'm secretly hoping Dan will do them if I keep ignoring them, he owes me hours as digs (rent) until he finds another job, and I really dont want to learn all about the parts I'm asking for (why, do scrappies always ask me questions I haven't got a clue about?) But I'm in no real hurry, I can't really leave until the house sells and there is no sign of that happening anytime soon. The weather is getting better now though, so maybe the market will pick up again.

Costs     £775  carried forward
              £   8   sink plug thingy
              £   7   brackets

I think I bought something else, but I cant remember what it is, I'll add it into cost when I do.

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