Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy van, Happy girl!

Just a quick update before work.... Had a miserable week with flat batteries, and doors not closing, and mechanics that don't wake before 4pm....

Managed to borrow a charger last night and this afternoon the van started nicely for Adrian, but even better....the suspension works! Had arranged for it to go into the expensive garage on Wednesday, now I can spend the money on diesel and take the van (and Archie) on its debut camping trip (Ive booked the weekend off).   Dan had tied off a lose air pipe (suggested 3 weeks ago, done yesterday!) but we couldn't check it without the battery being charged...

I've ordered a new battery anyway, the old one can be a back-up for the electrics in the van...

Happy Days!

Costs        £885.50 Carried Forward
                 £  85      battery

Oh! Almost half way to spending my funds,but I'm happy!

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