Monday, 18 April 2011

I blame Aesop!

Havent done any work on the van today, except numerous phone calls...yawn!

PAS pump is ordered, £74 (why I dont know, the quote I got from them was for almost £100, but I bit my tongue and didnt argue the point).

Man with double seat (£60 on ebay) quoted anther £60 for delivery, think a trip to York might be in order....well Im half planning a trip to Scarborough early May anyway so this might make it worthwhile.

Called Autoglass, and they left me with a dilema.... I can get the side window replaced for £75 excess on my insurance, but.... it seems wrong to claim for something that was broken when I bought it, I'd have to lie about how it broke, kinda, and I dont like lying. although I know that insurance companies are the biggest legal crooks going (closely followed by bankers and estate agents!) my principles should still remain, regardless of what other people do/would do.... looks like Im paying full price for the window!

Note to parents of young children - reading Aesops Fables to your child, seriously damages their ability to function in modern life!

Costs - £790 carried forward
             £74  power steering pump


  1. I had two (bonded) windows fitted at Lakeland Windscreens, Kendal for £140. That included cutting the holes in the metal panels.
    Surely a replacement glass for yours should be around the same price as the excess anyway?

  2. The quote I have is: £55 for the glass, £15 for bonding kit and £50 for delivery! Thats £120 and I have to fit the window myself... Im still looking for a better price, meanwhile a sheet of ply and some white paint will be the temporary solution...cost £0 :)

  3. Ouch! That delivery really kills you up there :-(

    Mind you, I didn't feel confident enough to bond the windows myself but I'm sure people that have tried now say there's nothing to it.

  4. It can be, but the PAS pump was ordered around 2pm Monday, arrives 11am Tuesday, by good old Royal Mail... Think the couriers are 'At it' myself!
    Bonded windows, silly question but can they be removed whole? i.e. is it possible to get one scrap?

  5. I don't think you'de get one out in one piece, more like several thousand pieces as they're tempered.

  6. P.S. it was £240 for two windows not £140. I cleaned my glovebox out today and found the receipt.

  7. I thought not, the one I'm replacing was in a thousand bits on the van floor!