Saturday, 2 April 2011

Its a Keeper!

Woken this morning by a call from the garage, van is running fine with its new fan belt and bolt :) Driving it home was fun, no really! Much more fun now the power steering works, although the dodgy suspension did make for a bouncy ride.  He is now all tucked up in Adrian's driveway (thanks a million Adie, couldn't do this without you or your driveway!) Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday mean full shifts at the bar so didnt get much done today but twiddle with all the many, many odd switches, trying to figure out what they do/did. Dan (my son) will have to trace them all for me as most did nothing, must see if I can sweet talk an ambulance driver to find me a manual from somewhere.
Im a happy girl today, the bodywork on the van (I really need to think of a name for him) isnt as bad as I thought, so the only major problem left is the suspension...we have found a broken air pipe under the van, which Im hoping will be relatively simple to replace... worse case senario is remove the air suspension altogether and fit old fasioned springs.
Got to go to sleep, 8 hours of drunken nonsense takes a toll on a girls humour... Will post pics tomorrow when I can be bothered hunting for the cable.
Oh! I lost my Ebay virginity today :) I bought an oven for £10 (£20 delivery, but thats pretty good for up here) only fridge, hob, grill and sink and Ill be applianced up.I also found and bought a tap which sadly has me very excited, it doubles as a shower head with a concealed flexible extension pipe. This, with a little bit of jiggery pokery means I can limit myself to 1 water system to cover the kitchen sink and the shower, 1 supply tank, 1 waste tank, and less plumbing. Less plumbing is always a good thing as far as Im concerned!All will be revealed during the build.  Mummies day tomorrow, and work so won't get much done then either.

Costs - £29 garage bill
            £30 oven
            £48 kitchen sink tap
            £450 carried forward

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