Monday, 30 May 2011

What a difference a day makes

Today, is officially a good van day! It didn't particulary start that way.... but I best begin with Saturday for anything to make sense....

Saturday - I nailed (literally) one curved arm for the I pleased with myself :) I do find, an forgive me  my ramblings but I've spent many hours of my life, alone with a bit of wood that doesn't want to do what I think it should do....but I have found that my ability to actually complete a task I've never done before, has more to do with my mindset than anything else.  I didn't find bendy MDF, nor did I look very hard... but Saturday, I decided to try again... same tools, same knowledge, same bit of wood but this time I end up with a curved arm rest rather than a bit of wood messed up with glue and panel pins.

Meanwhile, the boys were tinkering under the bonnet... van doesn't start, nothing but a soft click in reward for turning the very expensive key/fob thingy... but by the end of the day we turn the key again and hey presto we have a running engine.... would love to say gently purring engine but that would be an utter lie! But it goes, so we all smile and go away happy....

This morning however, we happily get to the van to tackle the compressor and arm rest No 2, turn the key and are rewarded once again with a soft click. A day of taking off/cleaning/securing/remaking connections and cables and we once again have a running engine.... whats more, with a little bit of tinkering and a huge dollop of luck from the compressor elf, we also have a functioning compressor.... Im a happy girl, and would like to say thanks to the boys for their help.

So,  next problem on the list, finding the brake fluid leak and replacing necessary brake pipes.... which apparently requires a brake pipe flaring tool (I hope thats right), which are not easy to get hold of and may be quite expensive to buy.... Im away to hunt ebay for a few hours.

Update - ebay brake flaring tools range from £8.99 to £219.... how the heck does one know what to do....looks like I'll have to ask a bloke, again....pffft :)

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