Monday, 20 June 2011

And stop!

Van is on hold at the moment and for the next couple of months, need to spend time sorting other stuff...

Friday, 10 June 2011

Fatal Flaw, realised at 3am!

The shower can't go behind the sliding door.... The shower head will reach but I won't be able to reach the tap to control the temperature (assuming at some point, I will have temperature to control)..... grrrr

Back to the drawing board....again :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Decision made.

The shower box is going behind the sliding door, the tap reaches over.... pics to explain...

As a tap.
As a shower.

The tap, I liked this tap, its a bit on the large side but its dual function amuses me somewhat... And as it reaches happily from the Kitchen area across the van, I can easily site the shower behind the sliding door... leaving the heater free and giving access to the cab and kitchen cupboards.  Just need to work out what kind of unobtrusive hook/bracket/support to use to hold the shower head in place when required....Im thinking velcro strap for easiness, will think more on this.

The position of the shower box.

Tomorrow I'll turn this blue plastic thing into a seat, I think... or upholster the sofa arms (which I didn't do today, but I did rope my sister into advising.... and leaving with fabric and measurements for some blinds....thanks Susan)

Most of my time today was spent designing the storage bags over the bed, its so easy to get carried away with planning forgetting that actually executing these ideas is an entirely different thing.

One more pic....Archie helping!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Oh look its raining....again

Successful couple of days, despite the constant rain... framework for the kitchen is complete....

The timbers are slightly larger section than I would have liked, but they were there and changing them became such a headache... on the plus side it is solid as it is and therefore can happily be clad in lighter stuff... 

The water tanks tuck in rather nicely, will have to remember to fill the waste one with water and check its still easy to remove for emptying before cladding the unit.  The fresh water tank can stay where it is and I'll rig up some kind of filler hose to make things easier.  The oven and stove bits will be lined with steel, but first I need to suss out the vent that goes out the side of the van and figure out what/where/how to fit the gas locker... I was hoping the gas bottles would fit under the oven but thats obviously not going to work, so they will have to go under the bed at the back.  I decided to keep it simple and use corner brackets (mainly as I found some cheap and bought lots....and I got to borrow a new drill/screwdriver!) for fixing the framework together...also makes it easy to dismantle if required in the future.  Im hoping that I can have a curved cupboard under the sink, but it wont be easy to may become shelves :)

Dan dismantled the ice machine today, to get the sheet steel for the oven, and left me with a dilema.... the bit that held the ice is a fully sealed fibreglass unit with a drain hole, which would make a perfect base for my shower/loo/seat box idea.... but its slightly larger than I need it to be, height wise is easily cut down but width is not so simple....

The plan (for those who can't be bothered reading back) is to have a sealed box which houses the portapotty, with a hinged, cushioned lid to be used generally as a seat, lift the lid and remove the potty and using a curtain a shower can, in theory, be utilised without drowning the dog! The drain at the moment was going to simply be a hole drilled into the floor and a bucket put under the van if required, or park over a drain, with a limited water supply I won't be showering for long!)However...

My problem is that I had planned for the shower box to be located behind the passenger seat but
1.  It makes removing the water/waste tanks difficult.
2. Access to the cab is also less than I'd like, but not impossible.
3. It blocks the heater (the wee round hole to the lower left in the first photo above.

So, do I...
1. Move the shower to sit tight against the sink unit and climb over to reach the cab... would mean relocating the tanks and restricts access to the kitchen storage, but does free up the heater.
2. Somehow duct the heater to the front face of the shower box, or move the heater somewhere else completely (not sure Im capable of executing that)
3. Move the shower box to behind the sliding door...Not sure if the tap/shower head will reach.
4. Have the box as a loose unit (secured by...something, but able to be moved when the shower is needed) so it generally lives behind the sliding door but can be moved to behind the passenger seat so the tap/shower head) reaches.
5. Forget it and go back to my custom made (but probably no where near as well sealed) shower box idea and use this bit as a gas locker.

Its all abitary at the moment as I have no real chance of getting a water heater until the house sells and the solar idea is for much later on, but I don't want to have to completely redesign the van when I do eventually get one....or maybe I do :)

Hoping to upholster (ish) the arms of the sofa tomorrow.... but Im definately winging it so who knows whether it will be achieved! I cut out the fabric on the back of the 'real' sofa, the sofa is being dumped when I leave as Im taking the cushions.... as its sitting against a wall in the house, I didn't think it mattered.... The cat is thoroughly enjoying ambushing Archie by hiding in the space under the sofa though.... :)