Thursday, 9 June 2011

Decision made.

The shower box is going behind the sliding door, the tap reaches over.... pics to explain...

As a tap.
As a shower.

The tap, I liked this tap, its a bit on the large side but its dual function amuses me somewhat... And as it reaches happily from the Kitchen area across the van, I can easily site the shower behind the sliding door... leaving the heater free and giving access to the cab and kitchen cupboards.  Just need to work out what kind of unobtrusive hook/bracket/support to use to hold the shower head in place when required....Im thinking velcro strap for easiness, will think more on this.

The position of the shower box.

Tomorrow I'll turn this blue plastic thing into a seat, I think... or upholster the sofa arms (which I didn't do today, but I did rope my sister into advising.... and leaving with fabric and measurements for some blinds....thanks Susan)

Most of my time today was spent designing the storage bags over the bed, its so easy to get carried away with planning forgetting that actually executing these ideas is an entirely different thing.

One more pic....Archie helping!

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