Friday, 29 July 2011

And now we can pee (but only if we really really have to!)

As I don't have a fridge yet and I am unlikely to do better than a coolbox in the near future, I decided to put the shower/loo box thingy in the fridge space, I think it fits rather nicely there and doesn't eat into much floor space.  It makes a rather handy little bench too, perfect height for putting your feet up!  Also it is in an ideal location to soak your feet in while sat on the sofa.... I can't finish it yet, i.e. seal it, as the gas pipe will run behind it somewhere, but its only a box screwed to the woodwork either side, so its easy to move for now.

Table/seat.. (table top yet to be added)

My utterly sophisticated emergency loo (yes its a bucket!)

Shower tray

It needs sanded, sealed and tidied but Im pleased with it. I will put some hinged worktop over the lid to hide its real function...and drill a hole in the floor for the drain....talking of worktop, we went to the dump yesterday and found (I love freebies!!)...

4 large-ish sheets of 18mm ply and a lovely wee folding table, I'm a happy girl, worktop can be fitted next week without costing a penny!  I had planned on buying a length of worktop from Ikea at £60 which would give the van a smarter finish, but the buzz of getting something free over rules!

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