Thursday, 28 July 2011

Reassess and rewrite plan.

The last month has been boring, frustrating and humbling.... But as ever there are plenty of silver linings around, so not all is lost... :)  Bare in mind, my main plan of 'taking off and seeing what happens'... well this is how its happening, for good and bad.

I'm in the process of becoming insolvent, which isn't quite as bad as it sounds... The house is not selling and every month brings me closer to disaster, so I've surrendered...kind of. The longer the house is on the market, the more I have to eat into any collateral therein, and I'm rapidly reaching the point where I'll still be in debt once it does sell. I have therefore started insolvency proceedings, which should be formalised next week..Square 1, isn't a bad place to be.  This leaves me, I think, with a van and a dog and no money....I've been in worse situations!

But what I also have is work and accommodation waiting for me in France (for an unspecified time).  I have been offered a house sitting/gardening/project manager/labourer post in Brittany, which suits me down to the ground (literally). All I have to do is get there, around 1100 miles.

As it is doubtful whether the van will pass another MOT, it makes sense to get the van to France before the end of November. This time scale changes the level of finishing quite considerably. The van and interior are now only required to provide adequate accommodation and transport for a few weeks.  I plan on leaving here mid September (arriving in France early October), so I have 6 weeks to get the van running, safe and taxed along with somehow providing cooking and washing facilities (albeit minimal).  Everything must be done on the very very cheap; the diesel costs alone are a struggle (AA reckon £300), far less ferry (£100) and food etc.. I should really get breakdown cover too.

Anyway, I'll return to the van in a later blog (once I've reassessed what really has to be done) My shifts at work have changed and Ive spent the last month clearing and sorting the house ready to vacate, so the van is my main priority now...(well besides a million other things, like learn French! Eeeeek!)...

Any advise will be appreciated on cheapness and easiness, so don't be afraid to tell me I'm doing something daft....the clock is ticking to my long awaited drive down the A9 away from life as I know it, and I am so excited (and a little scared!)

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