Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fed up!

Not having a great week, to be expected occasionally I'm sure, but going backwards instead of forwards.

Power steering pump has arrived and is the correct one, but not fited yet (not sure why, by thats to be expected too when you use your son as your mechanic!) And now the battery is flat and doesnt seem to want to take a charge or a jump start.  I am thoroughly grateful for the help I get with the mechanics (as I'm very aware how little I know) but it all goes so very slow.

I've bitten the bullet and booked the van into a garage to have a look at the suspension, and of course the only garage in town with ramps big enough is the most expensive one. But at least I should get an answer, and I can still hope that its something silly and won't make the whole project financially unfeasible with this van (please don't send me back to square 1!).

I remebered what else I bought last week, as it arrived along with the distibution board... its my hob and grill :) £21.50 including delivery, from ebay. Its as old as I am but looks rather good in a retro kinda way, needs a bit of TLC and is unfortunalty white while the oven is cream but one cannot complain when the whole lot cost £51.50!  Now I need to build a housing for them, get gas bottle/s and build gas locker, get manifold, pipes, connections etc, make a hole in floor for venting gas bottles, find someone to connect the gas and possibly service the appliances and I should have full cooking facilities. It all sounds very easy until you actually start doing it :)  Where do you buy sheet metal from? (lining of cooker housing and gas locker) Will a regular plumber be willing to connect the gas? What gas (propane or butane) should I be getting or does it matter? It all adds up to many hours reading books and forums, before consulting trade websites and ebay to find the 'bits' that I've just learned I need!

All this stress and angst is completely my own fault, of course!  :) I know that, I'm in no hurry and the van is not required at the moment but I want to take it away next weekend and the stuff stopping me doing that, is stuff that I cant do myself. I so dislike not being in control.  I've also tentatively booked a place on a meet with the SBMCC in Scarborough, early May as its relatively close to York where the double passenger seat is... I feel daft enough going to the meet with the van barely started, but it at least has to actually go! Would be good to see what others have done before I get too entrenched.

Costs    £864  Carried forward
             £ 21.50  Hob and grill


  1. Just asked Rich your questions and got the following answers:
    Sheet metal - depends on where you live, should be lots of places but he can't help much.
    Yes, a regular plumber will be able to plumb in the gas.
    Propane or Butane is fine, just require different regulators.
    Big hugs xxx

  2. Thanks chick/Rich :) I live on the edge of the Earth, apparently! xx

  3. Propane freezes at a colder temp than Butane does. I remember years back waking up one frosty morning in a caravan and the Butane had frozen. Not happy, at least with gas working you can melt the frozen water in the kettle.

    If you're keeping the bottle in an internal locker then it shouldn't freeze in any season in southern Europe.

    If you're going abroad you won't get your Calor bottles exchanged. The main one over there will be the largest Camping Gaz, the 907 size (which is really quite small. Keep your eye on eBay for some if you go that route as you will need to make storage for them. The 907 is expensive to exchange here so take an empty or two.

  4. Thanks Adrian, propane it is then, I may well be stuck in Scotland for a while yet, so freezing is a major issue :)

  5. Pm me on sbmcc jimillsortit might be able to assist